Old friends are like family.
Had a wonderful time with school buddies after long time. (at Warsak Dam)

آج مولوی صاحب غزہ کیلۓ دعا کرتے کرتے رو پڑے ۔ مگر کسی کمبخت نے پیچھے سے وزیرستان یاد دلا کر سارا مزە کرکرە کردیا۔


Taliban are not Pashtuns and they don’t represent us
Our elders had a saying that if a woolen blanket gets leeches, you don’t burn the blanket, you pluck out the leeches.


While searching for the number of bugs remaining i found these two links. Kindly enlighten me which one is the milestone we should be looking forward to. +Cassidy James +Daniel Foré +Cody Garver 
1. https://launchpad.net/elementary/+milestone/freya-beta1
2. https://launchpad.net/elementaryos/+milestone/freya-beta1


#Palistine #Kashmir and #Pakistan
This bitter taste in my heart :(